Bet sizing in later stages

    • DonkeyDong
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      I'm still kind of new to this so please bear with me if I sound dumb, or post this in the wrong place!

      So, I just bust out of the Big $11 with about 200 players left. I raised 2.25x with AQs from early position, as I try to keep the pots small at this stage unless I have a premium pocket. A medium stack calls with 66, I hit top pair with the queen and I'm out to his set.

      Was this a bad move or just tough luck? I suppose you can avoid some of these situations with a 3x bet, but I'm trying to weigh that against building pots where I get too committed. I can still my fold my AQ to a shove comfortably, and it will be easier to let go of my hand later on. 2-2.5x works really well for steals at this stage as well, so I like the fact that consistent bet sizing makes me harder to read. What's your thoughts on sizing bets at this stage?
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    • SDK1987
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      Hello DonkeyDong

      Welcome on the PokerStrategy forum :welcome:

      It difficult to give you good feedback without all details of the hand, but I would min-raise at the last stage of a tournament and with the information I have now it looks like bad luck. If you post the hand here I could help you a lot better most likely.

    • pocarr
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      It sounds like you played the hand perfectly fine. Your stack size to start the hand is a key variable here, if you did this with <14bbs you're probably better off open jamming unexploitably and reducing variance a ton.