Suited connectors-3bet range

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    • DrDunne
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      I don't play fixed limit... but you should be winning with them. Balancing your play is an attempt to get closer to achieving an optimal strategy and that by definition excludes loss-leader hands from being in our range.

      If you're actually asking if we are losing money with them then you should just check your HM, no?
    • faktor1
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      May be i wasnt very clear with my question:D

      I was wondering what are we expecting (for example vs good well balanced player) when we are 3beting with connectors - are we losing money with them, but in this way we extract more value from our value range and that compencate the lost or we are just winning with them?:f_biggrin:
    • kavboj84
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      You are right. The value you get by 'bluff 3-beting' does not necessarily appear in your bluffing range, but in your value range.