PKR 3.3 makes multi-tabling easy!

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      PKR has just announced the release of a new software update, PKR 3.30, which boasts a range of small but very important new features aimed at improving usability for players who focus on essential game information.

      These exciting additions include a new Mini View for desktop users, an automatic table tiling option (multi-tabling made easy), and a tournament info pop-up.

      Check out a detailed analysis of the new software features below:

      Mini View for desktop
      • 2D-view activates automatically when window size is reduced accordingly
      • New betting interface with larger and clearer buttons
      • Larger community cards, font size, player names, chip counts and bet amounts
      • New, more space efficient chat panel
      • Emotes, top bar menu drop-downs and camera options hidden
      • Mini View and avatars can be turned on/off in Options

      Auto table tiling
      • Automatically tiles/cascades tables using desktop space in the most efficient way
      • 'Keep poker games tiled' option added to Poker Settings
      • 'Keep poker games cascaded' option added to Poker Settings
      • Makes window re-sizing infinitely faster
      • Visual improvement of scaled down tables

      Action easier to follow

      PKR now has colour coding for players who have already acted in the hand (green for call, orange for all-in) – this already existed, but there was no colour for players who had not yet acted.

      These player panels are now coloured to make them quickly distinguishable from players who have folded. There is also a new, bright blue colour used for the players who’s turn it currently is.

      Tourney info pop-up

      Previously the tourney info screen could only be viewed over the main lobby screen or by covering the relevant game table. Now they open in their own window, so can be used without covering anything else.

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    • nmilan84
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      I agree that they did improve it slightly for multi-tablers, but they have one big issue, in my opinion, and that is being unable to select position on the table, I guess due to graphics.... Or maybe I'm wrong? But trying to multi-table while you sit at different positions on each table is sometimes exhausting and distracting.... Not to mention adjusting HUD to different positions every time....