pokerstars player invented - to block my money

    • teancum
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      do not want to know poker. I do not know who is this bitch and not have him in my database

      Deposit and Cashout Transactions are currently disabled in your account as it has come to our attention that your account is associated with a player with whom we have an outstanding issue.

      In order to assist you in clearing your account, we kindly request an explanation of your association to 'noname11293'.

      It is standard procedure to request an explanation when this type of situation occurs.

      We do not mean to imply any wrongdoing, however, please understand that we have to make security checks routinely to make sure that PokerStars remains a safe and secure environment for its players.
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    • Tomaloc
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      well just say that then, i had a similar issue once i deposited for the first time - i said something along the lines of "no idea who the hell that is" and they were like "ok" and things have gone smoothly since