Bet size's 180-man SNG/MTT's

    • blom90
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      I'm pretty new to MTT's.

      I wonder about bet sizes. I'm planing to start playing 180's sng.

      How much should I raise pre flop? Is it 3xBB or should I start with 2.5x or 2x right from the start? When should I start raising 2.5x or 2x?

      PRF 3B
      If I'm gonna 3-bet. How many BB should I raise to if someone open with a standard pre flop bet?

      How many procent of the pot should I make my c-bet against one player? Or 2 players?

      If I hit something like 1-pair or 2-pair and there is a flush- or straight draw at the flop – should a then bet so that they don't have the pot odds to call or should I give them the odds to call and hope that they don't hit. Just to get some extra money from them?

      Check- or re-raise
      How many procent of the flop should i make my check- or re-raise against one player?

      Hope that you can help me =)

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    • SDK1987
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      I would start with 3bb at the start of the tournament, but it also depends how deep your start with. If you start extreme deep you can also start with raising more and if you start with below 50bb you can also start with 2,5bb or less.
      In 180 mans I would make it 3bb with a 75bb starting stack.
      I would 2,5bb raising around 25/50 blind level and 2bb raise around 75/150 blind level, but also depends how deep you’re playing.

      I would 3 bet approximately 3x OOP and 2,5x IP.

      I would CBet approximately 55% pot on a random board, but depends also how deep you’re playing. If you play un-deep you can also bet smaller so you can push on some turns without looking committed if you bet too big on flop. Also it’s better to bet a little bit more on draw heavy boards than on dry boards. On dry boards you can bet less than half pot. On draw heavy boards you can bet more and than you don’t give them the odds indeed to draw for all kind of draws like the flush draw.

      If you want to make a check/raise it pretty much depends how strong your hand is and how draw heavy the board is how big I would raise. If you are not so deep stacked I would raise less than 1/3 of my remaining stack or shove directly.

      Hopefully helps this a little bit, but if you have still some questions don’t hesitate to ask them.