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Fixed limit: what am I doing wrong?

    • donkament
      Joined: 09.07.2007 Posts: 206
      Hey guys so I started playing fixed limit cashgames again. I was inspired by Coreysteel111 challenge of turning 20$ into 1000$ with 6max limit holdem.
      I hadnt played poker for a while and was getting back into it after watching twitch streams. I made a 30$ deposit on stars and started playing the 0.05/0.10$ limit tables. almost 5 days later and 9k hands later im down 15$(150bigbets).
      So I would appreciate it alot if you could take a look at my stats and see where im going wrong. I started playing the Lag style that coreysteel shows on his stream. I started with 32vpip/24pfr first couple of sessions.
      But i guess tilt creeped in and I started falling into old habits and just calling/ not raising because hey they call everything and i mean everything.
      I know i have some major leaks in my game because I feel dominated every session I play. I make bad calls and dont believe checkraises even though at this limit only 5% was a bluff so far other times people had what they were reppin or atleast got there on the turn or river.
      I just feel like a fish in these games :facepalm:
      Here are some of my stats and graph. I dont know if you can get much info out of this if anything other is needed ill gladly post it.
      Best regards

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    • jmunger
      Joined: 05.11.2011 Posts: 979
      Try this:

      1) Ranges pré-flop - There´s a SHC to 6max. It´s tight, but you can loose it a bit. Watch the livestreams and compare the ranges of the table and from the videos.

      2) Read this from bronze session: Post-flop: Standard play against one opponent. Read again... and then, read again.

      3) Print the odds and outs chart and use . If you use HM2, there´s a way to show pot odds on each table from each play. Only compare the value show at the table with the chart and make the right play...

      4) Play only two tables and try to make the correct move always... Think about your move. Respect 3bets, check raises, and make notes....

      5) Review your sessions always... Identify where you play right and where you play wrong, according the SHC and Odds and outs charts...

      FHL is fun, so, have fun and not rage....

      Sorry for my english...
    • CoreySteel
      Joined: 25.10.2006 Posts: 3,366
      Hey donkament.

      Sorry to hear that you're struggling. jmunger already gave you some good tips, but here's what I got just from looking at your stats...
      You said that you were playing a bit more laggy before, but now you are back to this TAG style. If you are playing like a LAG, you can get in some troubling situations for sure and can't blame you for feeling lost sometimes. It's obviously way easier to watch how someone is playing LAG style than trying the same thing by yourself.

      Saying all that... I think you should at least loosen up on Cut Off and Button. You definitely should open raise a bit more from these two late positions. Especially if you see someone folding his bb too much (and they will do that at micros). The other kinda obvious thing is that you don't go to showdown enough on BB. It could be just a sample size, but probably isn't. And 3bet more from SB. It seems that you might complete or cold call too much from SB.

      Everything else seems OK for TAG and should be good enough for these limits. I actually just think you are not winning enough showdowns (your WSD and WWSF are low for WTSD), so it might be just unlucky streak. If you are not sure about some hands, start posting them on evaluation forum.

    • kavboj84
      Joined: 16.06.2011 Posts: 2,173
      If you want to fix your game, stats aren't the way, but lots and lots of analysis. And a 9k sample is nothing, not even a mediocre down if it is a down.
    • YohanN7
      Joined: 15.06.2009 Posts: 4,711
      Statistics are one ingredient in analyzing your game. A 9k sample, while not much, is very relevant at 5c/Tc. I can locate one 8k downswing in 105k hands worth of playing 5c/Tc in my own graph that is about as big as yours. I was sure as hell not just being unlucky those 8k hands, my play sucked. So, you are absolutely right in being concerned.

      I have no particular advice except this, which isn't mentioned above: You want to sit on the left on the fish. You want to sit to the right of the rock. By just taking the first table offered to you, there is a 80%+ chance that it will be the other way around. This is true, even at the smallest stakes.

      Also be ware that 5c/Tc is about as hard as $1/$2 was like six to seven years ago. Even though players have awful preflop stats (40/2 in VIPIP/PFR) isn't uncommon, these suckers usually don't play particularly badly postflop, and they play sometimes millions of hands.
    • donkament
      Joined: 09.07.2007 Posts: 206
      Hey guys thank you all for the input so far.
      @Jmunger I will read the article thanks alot of the advice :f_thumbsup:
      I use pokertracker you dont know if that is also possible there? I guess I felt to good to use charts but who am i kidding i realy need them :coolface:

      @coreysteel I think that SB stat is scewed because of the limpers at these limits. Most of the spike in calling% comes from me completing the bigblind because 1-2 sometimes even 3 players limped. I do not cold call raises from the small blind, I usualy have a 3bet or fold mindset in the sb. If you think I should keep this mindset and not overlimp those hands pls tell me :f_thumbsup:
      I have alot of trouble playing from the bigblind I think this will be something I will adress first the low showdown% is me missing/not peeling enough because im runnning bad and overall just bad plays from my side.i was wondering if I was defening to much from the bigblind but you dont seem to mind the vpip%and like a true Lag :s_biggrin: you are saying I need to open more and raise more fom cutoff/dealer . I will look at hands I could have opened but did not I will try to analyze why I did not and if it would have been a better Idea to open raise it.

      @kavboj84 Lol varience lol sample I get it :s_thumbsup: thanks anyways.

      @YohanN7 I believe you are right and that its not only just varience. I have alot of tilt issues ingame. Not me going crazy or anything like raising every hand.
      But just overall quality of game getting worse as the badbeats pile on and I get frustrated. This makes me do bad things not defending my bigblind enough or vs some players to much. Not thinking about the hand im playing but the hand before that villian sucked out on me and I want to get my revenge. Overall not believing villian when he is telling me he has me beat. This whole the world is against me mindset needs to go away or I will be not getting far thats for shure.

      I think i have alot to learn as this thread got me thinking about my game and where I feel like the biggest holes are. I still have issues with standard stuff like what to peel when to peel. What to do vs donkbets wich happen alot at this stake. Defending from the bigblind and other general stuff. I will start with posting some hands I dont have a clue about. In general just be more acive posting hands and analyzing other hands that people played. Cya you guys arround thanks again for all the advice :f_thumbsup: See you at the limit tables on stars :pokerface: