Software questions regarding POSTGRESQL

    • aahitman
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      I've been playing Poker with Pokertracker installed for a month now, but since I hope to get the 1000 strategy points by december I'll get the Elephant licence, so I installed it, and I have some questions:

      1st- Is there a problem having both softwares running at the same time?

      2nd - When I installed Elephant it asks for my password of PostgresSQL, and I actually can't remember when I installed PokerTracker if I put a password or not, how can I solve this? If I install Postgres again will I be able to solve this without confliting the database of Poker Tracker?

      3rd - How can I back up the Pokertracker database with all the notes and so on? I tried to export it, but all I got was a bunch of txt files and when I imported the notes were missing.

      Thanks in advance guys.
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