Best way to spend FTPs?

    • Shevtshenko
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      Realized i've got >300k ftps and no idea what's the best way to use them. I don't plan on playing there on regular basis, hence i'm not interested in the bonuses. It appears like I can't convert them to cash. What tournament tickets have the best value? How are the conditions on the ring game tickets? Other good ways of spending the points?
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    • Agiz19
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      buy ring game tickets or cash if you can, but i think cash only avaliable in black card store....otherwise 200$ ring game tickets are good value, but they last one week i think until they expire, also the highest tourney tickets are good value if you would like to play high tourneys.
    • Zanardi1
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      I would keep them until an opportunity that is more fit for what you want will arise.