Doubts with the line x/r flop Hu pots

    • GussGuss
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      I have doubts about the line "check/raise" on flop in hu pots (OOP).
      It can be used against players who have linked a few times and we can make them give up on the turn. In hu pots when it´s not so important to protect, when it is profitable to use this line? I do not want to throw your worst hands, I want to induce posible bluffs...

      Definitely, when it is profitable hu xr in pots? Ty all :f_thumbsup:
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    • Garvante
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      As the pre-flop aggressor, most players will bet the flop 100% of the time or at least close to, therefore check-raising gets an additional small-bet into the pot when your opponent doesn't fold. However, the main reason to choose check-raising as your standard line with value hands instead of donk-betting, is not letting your opponent know what kind of hand you hold until he already made his move (the 100% c-bet on the flop is done for the same reason).