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Generally how did I play $2/$2 NL? Could I have played better?

    • pokermadness
      Joined: 19.04.2015 Posts: 1
      This are 2 hands from a $2/$2 live game. Everyone is deep stack and I am the "shorter" stack at 300bb ($300),
      8 handed.

      1st Hand)

      I am UTG+1, UTG straddles $5. I looked at my hands and pocket aces smiled at me. I was thinking of limping, but then again if some-reraise and I have to re-reraise it will appear unusually strong. So I just raised to $20. SB calls ( I know this guy to have a very loose range and I have ever seen him make plays like raising river with a bluff or betting 3 streets with middle pair that kind of thing). Big Blind fold, Straddler(UTG) calls the $20.

      Pot $62
      Flop was King,King,6 (No flush draws)

      SB checks, UTG checks, I decided to check here.

      Turn was a 9.
      Board King,King,6,9 (no flush draws).

      SB checks, UTG then bets out $25, I called, SB reraises to $100. UTG calls. (Like I said I have seen SB make fancy plays, UTG could have maybe TT-JJ or 9X he could very well have KX but then pot was $264, and calling $75 seem ok with aces. I called planning to fold to almost any kind of bet in the river.

      Lo and behold, river drops another K
      Board: K,K,6,9,K

      SB checks, UTG bets out $75 to $225 pot. I cant seem to fold a small bet with aces full house, I called, SB folded. UTG had KJ.

      How did I play here? I know folding turn is okay, but the SB who did it is capable of making a play that is why I called, if it
      was any other player, I would have folded. River seemingly made my hand stronger it was difficult not to call.

      2nd Hand)

      I was left with about $220.

      I have QQ UTG, I raised to $20 (It may seem huge, but players are loose), and yes another 4 players behind me called.

      Pot about $104
      Flop: :Td: :6h: :5d:

      I bet out $75, UTG+1 called me, rest folded.

      Turn: :Td: :6h: :5d: :5s: (pot: $225)

      I check to pot control and let him bet out his draws/bluffs or Tx.
      He betted out $115. (I was thinking whether should I call him and check river?) But I would be left with $85 and it would be a difficult spot. I don't put him on sets as he would have very likely reraised the flop, Also don't put him on KK/AA as he simply called preflop. I think folding is out of the equation on just the turn, so I just decided to value raise back remaining $200.

      He called revealing 53 offsuit. and I lose.

      How did I play generally, was both hands a cooler? ( I personally think 2nd hand is a cooler, 1st hand I had more control and could have given benefit of a doubt and folded the turn, waited for a better opportunity)

      Also, was the river call with $75 in a pot of $225 bad with Aces full house?
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    • excitedpoker
      Joined: 12.08.2010 Posts: 406
      1st hand After SB reraised the turn and UTG called folding seems fine to me.
      2nd is a setup but i would prefer to bet the turn myself, he`ll probably check back JT, 99 etc. and you want value. Jaming almost any river.