How soft are MTTs?

    • metza
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      I was talking to a guy at a live game who said he made 40k in the last year playing $8 180 man MTTs but got sick of it, switched to cash and was playing nl10 zoom.

      He made it sound like MTT was a LOT easier money than cash, is this true or is it likely he was just exaggerating?

      Of course I have played MTTs myself and come against some very bad players but its hard to know anything about mtts for sure without playing a ton of volume so would be good to get opinions from people who have.
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    • SDK1987
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      Have no experience with 180 mans and I expect 180 players will check the tournament section earlier. That’s why I have moved your thread to the tournament section.

    • SawyerNS
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      As Collin would say that depends on site, but if you take PS $8 180-man, it is one of the strongest field in MTSnG as well as $15 and $30, but if you looked for Collin Moshman video than you shall see that making 40K really possible, if you willing to grind a lot of them and had correct set up to beat one. I understand why he is willing to switch, as there no easy way at $8 180-man to earn forty grand.

    • RiQRiQ
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      With 20% ROI that is still 80 tournaments / day. 25 days play / month.

      Deffinitely doable but never easy money!
    • tukioppilas62
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      read this.
    • StarFox1919
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      I personally prefer MTTs, because I'm not very good at cash games, but depends on every person, profile, style of playing.
      Some people need to thing their way out of the hand.
      Others are more dynamic, and prefer the excitment and pressure of the MTTs, it's your call.
    • farseerfin
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      MTTs are good and soft, but not in PokerStars(.com) and especially not in those 180-mans. I'll suggest you check few sites / networks and try to find interesting tournaments from those sites as generally they have far softer (and usually smaller than Stars megafields) fields.
    • HennieP
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      I like the article tukioppilas62 referred you to. It all depends on your comfort zone. I think how well you are of financially will also play a big role. Personally I prefer MTT's/SNG's as it's low risk and you can potentially gain a lot.
    • nguyengiapvn
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      Cash game or MTT ? Think about yourself and long-term plan. It's all about +EV, you should play what you like and what you're good at.
    • andreimgs
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      MTT's are not that soft anymore, u must be realistic. There are a lot of good grinders, especially after 20$+ buyins on Stars. Sure, there are plenty of fish, but tournaments comes with more variance as well. The most important thing is to play what you like!
    • Saren113
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      Metza making 40 k a year, and playing 10$ zoom, something dosen't add up in my mind.

      I think you were talking to a drunk loudmouth or something.
      But ye with hard motivation everything is possible i guess, but the question is, is the time you put in worth it. Couldn't you learn another format that you could manage to make the same money at?