PokerStars impossible rounds

    • beavisbg
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      Hi everyone. I just want to post my last Sit&Go tournament. I lost in 3 hands. First one - pair of Aces. On the flop there's the third Ace. We are all in pre-flop, the other guy is JQ and on the flop... 4 spades, I have 3 aces, he got flush.
      Two hands later I get KK, on the flop there's, of course, Ace... but noone has Ace, I'm beated with pair of 7, because there's third 7 on the river...haha
      Three hands later - my last one, I get 77, go all in and of course there's a pair of aces in other player.
      Three pairs in 8 hands and I'm off... haha
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    • SDK1987
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      Typical case of variance in 1 SNG. Hopefully you will run better in the next couple of SNG’s.
      Further I would recommend to Introduce yourself! Than we know you a little bit better.

      Best regards,
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      i guess its certainly possible since it happened to you
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      It is perfectly normal at Pokerstars. I would have been surprised had any of those hands actually held.
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      Yep. For instance today is probably one of the most absurd days on poker stars for me. Really incredible amount of sets, especially on pocket pairs. Those 1 or 2 outers are dropping like flies. :f_ugly:
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      Hi all,
      Post these in "Hand of the Day"

      But as others have said, these are pretty standard.

      If AA wins 81% of the time (and it does -- check your database) then it loses 19% of the time. The problem is that a HUGE part of the time that it wins, all you get are the blinds. You notice when you win or lose a stack (or a tournament).

      The funny thing is that very very rarely does anyone complain about PokerStars (or any other room) when they hit their one-outer straight flush. Because to hit 1 card out of 46 means it MUST be rigged.