Low Limit Live Poker in Sweden

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      My name is Robert and im from Sweden. I am 22 years old and I started playing online poker when i turned 18 years old. I can´t say that i ever was a grinder or that i have played according to a good BRM for more than a few weeks in a row.I have played everything between NL2 and PLO5000 online.

      I have now decided to give online poker a rest and only play live poker. The One BIG reason for this desicion is simply the ridiculously high value at the low stake CG at the casino in my town :f_biggrin: . I live in a medium sized city (by Swedish standards) and the competition at the CG on weekends are very soft :f_tongue: I will mostly play 10/10NL deep 200-2000sek buy in (about 25-250$) but probaly also some 25/25 deep 1(000-10000) buy in.

      My work as a part time Black jack dealer makes it hard for me to play at the casino as much as i would like to do but i will try to play atleast for 3 days a month (hoppfully much more)

      I will post the results of my nights at the casinos and the most intresting hands of the nights (i promise you will be amazed by many of the fishes hands) :f_pleased:
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      Hello Robert.

      Nice that you started a blog.
      I expect the players in your home town are bad players most of the time.
      In with towns you make the casino’s unsafe in Sweden?

      I wish you all the best to win a lot of money of the local people :gl: