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Ultimate poker tool for mobile platform [opinion needed]

    • Ziker
      Joined: 29.04.2015 Posts: 1
      Hi guys,
      Few weeks ago i switched from playing poker on desktop to playing on mobile. I was always using some poker tools like push tables call tables ranges pot odds etc on my PC so i went to google play store and tried to find some application that has all these tools (and more) its easy and fast to use and also customizable.
      The bad thing is that i didn't found one. All of them were single purpose app and most of them werent even there.
      The good thing is im a programmer and therefore i can make one.
      What i kindly ask of you is to give me your opinions.
      1. Will you appreciate if this app exists
      2. What features i should definitely include
      3. Any misc opinions about topic

      When i finish the app if will be created ill put in on marketplace for free or for some symbolic price like $1 depends on how much time im gonna spend with it

      All your opinioins and ideas highly apprecited

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    • ribpoker
      Joined: 12.07.2006 Posts: 342
      sounds like a tough job!
      I have downloaded the Stars app but I only play ever so often and only 2-3 limits below my current limit.
      This is mainly because of two reasons:
      1. Bad connection may cost quite a bit (folded aces preflop more than once because of this...)
      2. Missing a basic HUD (to quote Raskolnikov: playing without a hud is like going to a shooting with only a knife)
      Obviously, no app can fix problem no. 1 but if you were able to implement a hud - even a very basic one with everything preselected - just displaying some of the most important stats - I'd be happy to play more on my mobile as long as I have a good connection.

      My wish list for the most important statistics (in descending order) is:

      fold to 3-bet after raise
      Attempt to steal
      fold Blind to steal
      cbet Flop
      fold to cbet Flop
      cbet Turn
      fold to cbet Turn
      bet vs missed cbet Flop
      fold Flop after missing to cbet
      float Flop
      checkraise Flop
      fold to checkraise Flop

      As I said: if you're really willing/capable to create a hud - sounds like a tough job...