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def blog

    • deffie
      Joined: 04.06.2013 Posts: 45
      Hello everybody!
      My name is Dima, I'm from Ukraine, Kiev.
      I'm writing this blog to practise English; to share my results and thoughts about poker and life. I actually don't know English great, and I want to do a little bit more to be better in this^^ I used to read and watch everything in Russian (or Ukrainian :) ) language, only some time ago started to watch films with original English audio and Russian subs :D This blog is my first experience in writing any public texts in English. This idea seems to me very interesting since I can see such benefits:
      1. lvl up my English skills
      2. share my thoughts and mb get some feedback
      I have my poker blog in Russian (as far as I remember it istn't allowed in here to share it? it isn't at pokerstrategy) where I share a lot of my thoughts about poker and sometimes about life. Of course that one is my main blog and I will continue writing there, but from now I'll try to find some time to translate my messages and post them here.

      I'm a student (distance education, 4th year), I have a half-time job, I play poker, I play counter-strike, I have a girlfriend, I like playing and watching football. That is how my life looks like now^^ In addition I have some more plans, like doing more sport activities, but it's not so easy to find enough time for everything.
      Education I study economy in Kyiv National Economic University, but I dont like it at all and I almost not spend any time there. I just hope to get the diploma due to that fact that it's not so much time left there, about half a year, or even less ^^
      Job I started to work not a long time ago and not sure about my future there, but now it seems fine while I'm interested. I even can't explain well what am I doing...It's like a poker project, and I'm there like a poker expert :D I will tell more about it later ;)
      Counter-Strike I played cs...a lot :D I played in a semi-pro team in cs 1.6, we didn't achieve anything major since we were very young but still we were well known in Ukraine and riched top places at LAN tournaments in Kiev, Lvov and Kharkov :) ) Then CS:GO appeared, we dispanded, but I still played with some other people, reached top1 in StarLadder Amateur League, was quite close to the SLTV StarSeries. Then I had some breaks in my career, mostly because of apearing two great things in my life: poker and girlfriend :) . But some time ago I decided that possibly I can find some time to play, my old mates were interested in me and now I play cs again. I suppose to spend about 20hrs per week on it and still not sure if I am able to spend this time, but we'll see :D
      So now I am a part of the pretty skilled team that consists of good young players and I can say that this team is one of the best non-pro teams in Ukraine now (actually, I think, it IS the best now^^).

      Me and poker
      I'll write this part soon, dont have enough time now >_<
      In few words: I am a regular of nl10 sh tables on PokerStars
      So, nothing huge :) )

      PS: Its very likely that I maid some mistakes in this text =/ Sorry about that. I will try to find and fix them :) And I am sure this my intro will be changed a lot of times :D
      PPS: I will write much more about poker soon ;) )
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    • SDK1987
      Joined: 12.11.2008 Posts: 39,320
      Nice that you started a blog to improve your English :f_thumbsup:
      Your start is at least good I think :appl:

      I wish you all the best to improve your English and beating the cash game micro stakes :gl: