Hu stats

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    • Amirapuato
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      I'd just say the PFR seems too low. You gotta exploit any edge you get, even before the flop. :)

      About the others, I don't have a clue (probably calldown looser). ;)
    • Yoghi
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      err wat

      If this is you I suggest you quit HU immediately since you've had your upswing for some time.

      I play 73/54 with 41.7 WTS and 51.4 W$SD.

      When you have 71W$SD it's just a sick run, even 55 will be almost impossible to get over a big sample if you don't run very hot and don't fold all the time.

      You should open like 80-90% of the buttons against a standard opponent, so your PFR is just completely wrong?
    • gape0000
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      Yea obviously those are not my stats :) i was playing a guy that was completly passive, 1.4 % PFR and he was driving me mad i mean look at his VPIP its over 80 and he won more then 70% of the hands he went to showdown i felt like i was hitting a brick wall and he destroyed me pretty much :(

      I was just wondering should i adjust my raising range agaisnt such a passive opponent since his AF was 0.67 over 140 hands abd maybe just call the non showdown hands like T3s in position and see a cheap flop and raise anything with SD value.
    • ciRith
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      Hi gape0000,

      I have no clue about HU but I would keep betting. Find smart folds against his raises and give up you weaker hands.

      You should work with the "fold to bet at street x". If he folds a lot directly on the flop then give up on the turn with a bad hand. If he has a low flop value but a high turn then bet nearl any turn again.

      Try finding out what he bets if you check. You can gain a lot value by that.

      And don't let the variance influence your game. Keep playing against him. His upswing should end soon. :D