Playing livepoker in Las Vegas for two weeks in June - Where to play?

    • Kariyou77
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      Hi guys!

      I am going to Vegas for two weeks in June and of course am I heading for some poker. I have never been to Vegas before and my girlfriend will work for the first two weeks so I thought it was a great opportunity to get 8 hour of poker a day there.

      Do you guys have any experience from playing cashgame in Vegas, is there places with more or less value? Which levels is preferable to play?

      I was thinking of playing something between $1/$2 - $5/$10 but I am all ears. About the bankroll, it's not that important to me when I only play for two weeks and at one table at a time but I am going to bring $3000 - $6000 I think.
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    • Kariyou77
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      Wow, It's been a while since I visited the forum but I didn't knew it was this empty. No answers of any kind here and only 36 views. Do you guys know where the rest are?
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      Hey Kariyou77,

      I'll move this to the 'International Meeting Place' board where it will stay visible for longer. Also be sure to check the other threads on that board because that's where the discussions on playing in Vegas normally take place.


    • Kariyou77
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      Thank you, anyone with experience?
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      This is probably the best link for poker games in LV, both cash and tournament.

      I've personally played a tournament in Excalibur with 50$ buyin, just to fell the game, and played 1/3$ cash @ Bellagio. At my table there were no brutal regs, only recreational players, and players with some knowledge of the game, such as me, so with some luck in cards, You should be fine at those tables.

      GL @ the tables
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      I played most of my hours at Mandalay Bay $1/$2 but there are always tables and opportunities to switch it up with table swaps. Had the best staff by far and some nice promotions too.

      Excalibur's Poker room isn't very comfortable and a poor overall but a few bad players sit there often, may be worth a few hours if you're passing through.

      Caesars seemed full of regs, smallest game was $1/$3 from what I remember.

      Only played a little in the Bellagio, seems alright, fair few regs, some casuals. No holders for your drink which bugged me - Huge variety of games and stakes though.

      MGM was pretty packed, lots of casual players there too. Planet Hollywood seemed the same, just a few less tables.

      Luxor barely had any games running.

      Circus/Stratosphere where horrible, the stunk of smoke and didn't even want to walk around them, although you must check out the rides on top of Strat, only $30 or so for all 3 and the view!

      I didn't really play enough at any rooms apart from Mandalay Bay, the overall atmosphere felt so much better and you felt veyr welcome with the staff there, definitely give it a shot.

      Oh, don't play tourneys, you pay rake & extra rake to pay for dealers - outrageously high.
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      O que você quer saber?
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      Originally posted by jajogo
      What do you know?
      FYP. TY to google translate.

      If your not familiar with English I recommend to check out our Portuguese forum (fórum português), because we only chat English here. Otherwise not everyone can understand you.

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      good thread. :f_drink: