Turn $ 136 into $ 20k in 2015!

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      Welcome all of you!
      I come from Vietnam, I was playing poker for 3 years and I play like the entertainment and not have a specific goal. This is the first time I post a topic and also my first goal is to make $ 136 into $ 20k to the end of 2015. I start playing at NL20 on ipoker network, I know this is breaking but my BR will try and I hope I am lucky ^^!:f_drink: I would like to send our thanks most of all to my AlphaVillain friend, you helped me with the motivation to strive ^^. I will update the results daily and weekly at least. I will send hands we're looking for help! thanks! (136- 2k: NL20. 2k-5k: 50 .5k NL: NL 100).
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