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      Hello! I am SnapS, I'm 28 and I'm from Romania. This is my first blog ever of any kind.... :f_biggrin: so I hope I'm doing OK.

      I have been a winning poker player since I joined PokerStrategy in 2008, I have alot of my knowledge from this website. I made my money from the starting capital on Full Tilt Poker, but played on other sites too and live, I even had an underground poker club (a story for another time). I am still making a living from poker right now at low stakes. The average payment for a normal job in Romania is 300$ - 400$ and I can make that easily.

      I only have one problem: I can make alot more than 400$/month and each time get a big payday or make alot more in a month i tend to loose interest and stop playing for a preaty long time. I hope that using this blog I will have the motivation to play constantly.

      My bankroll: 1000$
      My goal: 5000$
      Timeframe: 3 Months starting May 4

      I will be playing tournaments (100 - 500 players) and have a bankroll management of 100 average buyins, but i usually withdrow some money monthly so i will add that in the updates.

      First month done!
      Total tournamets played: 334
      Profit: 539$

      Not a great result imo. I probably could have played a little more to around 400 tournaments but i had to make some visits this month to meet some family and friends. My profit is a little bit low imo, but i was down around 500$ at one point and climbed back up to 539$ so that tourned out ok. I didn't played best poker i could have, probably around 80% - 85% of my ability.
      I should be able to play more this month because i have nothing planed that stays in my way. I am thinking of going back to gym especially for stamina and smoke less till i eventually quit.
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