This May complete a mission each week and receive a token for NetBet Poker's May Madness SNG tournaments to win FREE Cash, Tokens or Bonuses - a total of €75,000 will be given away!.

You can choose how to qualify and what bonus you want. Complete a mission each week and then choose what prize to play for:

You can receive only one token a week but there are four weeks of missions to be completed.

Your May Madness SNG Missions

Make sure you tell NetBet Poker that you are participating by entering the relevant code below into the cashier:

Complete one objective. Make your choice depending on whether you prefer Cash Games, Tournaments or Twister Poker:

• Enter 10 poker tournaments OR
• Play 20 games of Twister Poker OR
• Play 100 hands of cash

Your reward

Once you have completed your mission and redeemed your token you can enter the May Madness SNG of your choice.

Find these 4 player turbo tournaments in the NetBet Poker Lobby > Tournaments > May Madness.

Choose from:

• CASH - play for €1 Cash
• TOKEN - play for a €2 tournament token
• BONUS - play for €25 in bonus funds (requires play to unlock)

Remember, you only need to complete one objective and can receive only one token a week.

NetBet Poker's terms and conditions apply to this promotion and may be changed at any time.