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Hey everybody!

    • Guthans
      Joined: 16.12.2009 Posts: 766
      I wanted to just step in and say hello. I've been active previously on the Swedish forum, however I've had a looong break from any kind of volume in poker & on the forums so I wanted to get re-aquainted.
      My name is Christian, screenname Gutchiboi on Pstars.
      I started out back in days playing alot of MTTs and loved it, but as the hunger for more grew I started making adjustments to my game to be more profitable in poker in general. This included going over to cashgame, for consistency, I also tried out SNGs. I had this idea that the variance and the hours of MTTs were to brutal to actually make something of it. Over time this grew to be quite frustrating, I felt that I was just grinding not having much fun and before long I withdrew my roll and quit. I've come back several times to cashgame & to sngs, however I never really considered going for MTTs again - until now!
      Lately I've been doing alot of soulsearching about passions and the things we do to succeed, totally forgetting that the point of it must be, imo, to love what your doing and let the rest flow from there - this brings me back to MTTs. I've always loved playing MTTs, I love the thrill of the deep runs, I love the building of a stack, the changing format and lets not be stupid here, I love the big cashes, haha!

      Aright then, hope to see you around the forums & tables! :D
      Oh right, almost forgot, I'm playing a $60 roll at MTTs so it's real microes haha! ^^
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