Ready to move up?

    • Erowing
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      Hi all,

      I would appreciate your honest opinion and suggestions.

      I am wondering if I’m ready to move up from 5NL to 10NL.


      December 2014: 26K hands on 10NL zoom poker on PS with 1BB/100 winrate
      November 2014: 13k hands on 5NL zoom poker on PS with 12BB/100 winrate
      August 2014: 14K hands on 5NL rush poker on FT with 5.6BB/100 winrate
      Since last month I decided to make a run and try to build a bankroll.

      I am currently playing on William Hill (Ipoker), unfortunately I had to switch networks and I am not able to play on pokerstars in my current country of residence. So I will stay on William hill and I-poker.

      Since April I’m playing 5NL speed poker with 7BB/100 winrate over 22K hands (this is without rackeback)- inclusive of Rackeback winrate = 11BB/100

      Current Bankroll on William Hill= 350 Euro

      Now my questions:

      1. In your opinion am I even ready to move to 10NL?
      2. If so as there is no 10NL speed poker running on ipoker, ever.. (only 5NL and 20NL + 100NL) Does it make sense to move from 5NL speed to 10NL regular tables?
      or should I try to continue building a roll at 5NL and switch to 20NL once I have a sufficient bankroll? (which would be how much?)
      3. Has anyone faced the same obstacle at I-poker when playing speed?

      Any thoughts and input is much appreciated.
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    • DrDunne
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      Move up when you have the bankroll. Especially don't look at your winrates over such small samples imo. 26k hands on 10nl is nothing and your 1bb/100 is most likely not representative.