[OFFICIAL Support Thread] ChatDemon - a new personal assistant for game scheduling

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      What is ChatDemon?
      ChatDemon is a WhatsApp add-on that helps you coordinate and schedule poker games with your friends.
      With ChatDemon you will no longer need to wonder who's coming, who didn't respond, or when and where you're meeting - it will track everything for you, and give you a current status whenever you need it.

      How does it work?
      All you have to do is add the ChatDemon phone number as a member to your WhatsApp poker group and he will join the conversation. No need installation is needed.
      After adding ChatDemon to your group, you will be able to chat with it in order to create, organize and manage games with your friends. ChatDemon will send you reminders on upcoming events and suggest new ones if you and your friends haven't met for a long time.

      Note: ChatDemon is completely free.
      You can see more in this link.

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      We were not involved in the development and thus cannot guarantee the reliability or proper functionality of this software.
      You use the software described in this thread at your own risk.
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