[Application] SOLD: SCOOP-42-L [High-Roller] (HU event)

    • Jumbleboy
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      Selling info

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        I'm nl50-200 HU regular. I'm playing HU for one year. Played this year's SCOOPs L & M HU event and I think that have slight edge on field. Why am I selling? It's easy! In order to lower variance and atm investment for $200 in one tournament is 2 much for me.

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        This year didn't go well and didn't play a lot neither

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      • Selling package
        Conditions: SCOOP-42-L [High-Roller] tournament
        Poker-room: Pokerstars
        Username: Jumbleboy
        Buy-in: $215
        Percent for selling: 50% ($107.5)
        Minimum piece: 2% ($2.15)
        Ration: no
        Recoil: 0/100 in stakers side, but I take vpps

      List of holders:
      Jumbleboy (50%) paid
      Bro (8%) paid
      MisisKuz (10%) paid
      Harrier88 (2%) paid
      horVeech (20%) paid
      ossadlex (10%) paid

      Warning: I'm selling this package on russian pokerstrategy, also to my friends. So that we won't have any troubles I'll look on dates
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