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the end

    • b4mm3r
      Joined: 22.10.2008 Posts: 1
      Well I started playing before 2 weeks and have actually played only 5days, was playing in 0,02/0,05 and soon NL0,05/0,10 tables. It wasn't going very bad in the beginning, I usually ended up session with at least 30BB/h playing with sss. Then I lost some dollars so I was under those 50$, and that wasn't good at all. Next day was the worst. I first time decided to play more hours than usually and on 3-4 tables instead of 2. It started to feel like everyone is a rock there and it was killing me. Basically I loosed constantly all the time-after losing streak I was winning but never get actually good profit. So, I got many pocketpairs in that session - 33, 22, 55, 77, 88, JJ twice, QQ, KK three times and AA once.
      55 only improved to set, witk KK raised pre-flop and everyone folded (got ~+0,15$ with that hand), I made only 2bb bet instead of following to strategy material and everyone folded(even big blind), sitting in late position. Next time I bet 0,30+0,10xlimpers, got re-raised and went all-in pre flop, the opponent showed Q3 and got full house, maybe ge thought that I was stealing. I lost with all the rest cards or limped. I had bad luck with flushes too- I had lost with 6 flushdraws in flop in a row, and the next time I had K :heart: Q :heart: with A :heart: 4 :spade: J :heart: in flop, with odds 1:4 I shoould have folded but I raised the 7:4 of the pot size bet (yeah that's crazy) to ~2/7 of my stack (again, usually I was boying in with 5 or more percent, but this time with almost 30%), but I maybe thoguht that I would get back if I win instead of playing out next 12 flushdraws which seemed to be impossible and guess what? He got a straight with 3, 5 and I didn''t complete flushdraw. I was frustrated and it continued so on making even more mistakes and I lost my whole bankroll, I had lost playing style I had in the beginning.
      Now i'm thinking : can I return to playing after some time (at least after ~1,5 years due to new work in new country) or it's forbidden with loosing like this, and if i'm thinking of playing ever again what should I do before starting again, I would change poker room also I think.(Partypoker looks good and it's very hard to find full ring tables and in shorthanded there are either full tables or only 1-2 players) I think that maybe if I'll start with my own money next time and more prepared I'll maybe do better, playing in similiar micro tables. It's a feeling that I didn't even get a taste of pokerSo I think that I wasn't taking it enough seriously and I can do better.
      Or should I leave it just for fun and doesn''t take that seriously becouse I won't undergo because of losing amounts that mean nothing to me?
      Or I could start with 0,10/0,25 tables and then see how it goes?
      What would you do in my place?
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    • Fongie
      Joined: 02.12.2006 Posts: 4,978
      I would start by reading the articles and then start actually playing like it says. You say you play SSS? Why are you then talking about chasing flushdraws and small pocket pair which "only" improve to set and so on so forth?

      Read, learn and FOLLOW the strategies. That's what I did and what I would do if I were you..
    • Dragar
      Joined: 09.09.2008 Posts: 2,214
      Firstly... be patient.

      I get days where nothing hits... no set, no flush draw, nothing... and I see my money going down and down and down, because I goto raise my pocket pairs, I goto bet into my flush draws, etc. etc. (I play BSS)

      Then come the days where everything hits and my opponents don't know how to fold... it makes up for all those losses.

      The best thing I learned so far is: There is always another game

      In your case... don't play just because you get no good cards for a long time. This is a huge mistake. Just because your opponent hits those miracle cards doesn't mean you will too because its fair, or because variance should give you those cards or so. It will never happen.

      Just stick to the strategies. If nothing happens for 2 hours.. so be it. Either stop playing or play on.. but whatever you do.. do not play different then you normally would.

      I see so many people at the tables getting frustrated and all of a sudden moving all in or so with weak stuff.
      Just had a guy loose to me with KK since I hit my A on the flop... and I guess in his mind that just could not be, since KK is such a good hand.

      Your getting all those pocket pairs in..... they only hit 1/5 of the time or so. Then if your playing SSS this is a complete waste of money. The only reason why I raise pocket pairs or accept raises is because of implied odds... I might be able to completly stack my opponent, which brings me 5-10$, plus my opponent never knows if I raise with Ax or pocket pairs which is another good thing. Hence its ok if I don't hit 5-6 times in a row or so. Especially when I know he is holding like KK or AA or something.
      In your case you can only make 2$... this is pretty bad... don't ever play those hands.

      With your KQ example... I would bet half of the pot.. maybe a bit more depending on my opponent and pre-flop action. This would give you good odds.
      You only raised since you were already frustrated.

      For the next time when your playing. Be concentrated... just start with 1 or 2 tables. Slowly increase. Stick to the strategy. If SSS is too boring or your getting to frustrated from it, try to learn BSS and go to the lowest limits possible (NL2) and start playing from there.