What should I do?

    • icesheet
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      I've just won a $3 satellite (which i entered by accident!) to the $50+5 satellite to the $750,000 guaranteed tournament on full tilt.

      I'm led to believe that i can unregister from the $50+5 satellite and have that credited to my account which would be a welcome boost! (Not 100% sure on that though)

      Or should i see this as fate and try my luck qualifying for the $750,000 guarenteed? At the moment there's 150 places awarded based on 180 entrants so i would at least have a chance and the thought of having a pop at a $130,00 1st prize is appealing for a $3 buy in.

      What do you think?!

      Ps Wasn't sure where to post this so feel free to move if required.
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