Strategy Videos In Firefox

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    • alonohara
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      4me it's ok.
      with win7, firefox, in 1080HD...

      u clean history/cookies ???

      GL :f_drink:
    • VorpalF2F
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      Hi, pokermadd,

      I will bring this problem to the people in charge.

      If you can point out a specific video, then I can check it.

      alonohara suggests clearing your browser cache, which is a good idea.
      Here are some other things you might try:
      :diamond: Try a different browser.
      :diamond: Try a different video from a different source
      :diamond: Restart your internet connection
      :diamond: Check your internet speed. I use The site itself is safe, but only click "Begin Test" in the green oval.

      Those are in no particular order.

      Best of luck,