I cannot get my HUD working in HEM2 with Netbet - any suggestions?

In the Netbet client, I have the "Store Hand History Locally" option selected (at least I think it is - it is blue instead of white, which I think means that it is selected).
When I view previous hands in Netbet, it displays them (presumably it gets them locally?)
The netbet client is running as administrator.
My PC does not have a C:\poker folder
In HEM2, going to Site Setup/IPoker and clicking autodetect does not find anything. There are no autoimport folders showing.

I've played some SNG freerolls yesterday, and today tried the NL2 (GBP) tables.

Any suggestions please?

EDIT: Scratch that - I've found it.

Was just reading the titan thread further down the page, and the netbet location is similar ( C:/Users/xxYourWindowsNamexx/AppData/Local/)