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Deuce HUHU - raised 2on small pot

    • SonOfSonOfSpock
      Joined: 01.10.2011 Posts: 78
      1th Hero draw 2 ; Villain draw 2
      Hero check ; Villain check

      2on Hero draw 2 ; Villain draw 2
      Hero bet, Villain raise , Hero - call/raise/fold (small pot) ?

      Normally, I take the lead in this spot with a very good draw, like 2345x, 234x7, 235x7, 234x8, and I always get exploited and end up losing to a 9/T or even J.

      So taking the possibility's:

      Call: I call and I draw to a good hand - if i check he will check me back, if i raise he will fold pretty much always.

      Raise: Against this OPs that raise and pat a Jack, I could re-raise and make them draw representing a pat as well.

      Fold: The pot is small but I already putted a extra bet there, and I'm with a good draw.

      And I could check and could get checked back and end up making nuts in a small pot that doesn't worth the dough of call a snow.

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    • badgerer
      Joined: 29.03.2010 Posts: 555
      about calling: If you make your hand in this spot you should probably lead out river. villain knows you have a good draw and can play perfectly against you if you check in front. you're not getting folds often so just take the money, and if you are for some reason getting folds thats a great opportunity to add some snows into your range.

      about raising: you don't expect villain to break when you draw in front, if you are ip wont he just pat anyway because you both drew 2?? its not so bad being raised by a jack, you're only slightly behind and villain can't extract value on the river while you can.