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A man whom starts with Nothing has Everything to Gain

    • Rocky8520
      Joined: 17.05.2015 Posts: 13
      Hello and welcome to my blog. :s_drink: :s_drink:

      So where to really start? I have been considering posting one of these for the last few days since I registered onto this site but never really knew what or how to say what I wanted to. However today I just thought screw it, I will say what I feel like and we can go from there. So be warned posts may be long, it has a chance to go off on a random tangent at times but all in all when you dig through all the random stuff you will get to what I am saying, I will try to stay on topic as much as I can but well, I can't make any promises.

      Ok back on track, So who is this random person wasting our time with this thing? Well names Jake and I go by the online handle of Rocky. I live in Brisbane Australia and am 22 years old. I have a bachelor of criminology and criminal justice and was an avid rugby player until I ended up with a full shoulder rebuild in surgery and well can't play anymore. The degree well it isnt all it is cracked up to be, I'm not the kind of guy that can go out and do a 9 till 5 job come home and be happy with life, it doesnt suit me at all and well it seems kind of boring and I dont do boring. I mean there is nothing wrong with that and I know it suits some people just fine but it just isnt for me.

      Some of my hobbies consist of sporting activities a fair bit of gym work and fitness consulting (I am a fully qualified personal trainer) and recently poker.

      I got into poker about 2 or 3 years ago when I was over at a mates place getting on the beers and rum when he cracked out a deck of cards and said whos down for some drinking poker. Needless to say the first time I played a didnt learn a lot or remember a lot for that matter and from then on in poker to me was a drinking game that people played to get wasted. Fast forward about a year from there so 2 years ago our local pub started hosting a weekly poker competition free to enter win $50, again we thought free to play, the hostess gets drinks for us and brings them to the table and we could win $50 lets do it. This is where my real knowledge of poker started to grow, what it meant to have a a set, a full house, flush etc etc you get the point this is a poker forum. These games only lasted for about 6months due to the fact that the pub started losing money as people would play poker not drink and then go home when they lost and actually a majority of people would not spend any money at all in the venue, any business people out there would see now that it is a failed idea and costing money isnt a good thing for a business. So we went back to our own games at home, bought a poker set and actually started playing proper poker (No more betting drinks), it then escalated to we all throw in $5 and winner takes all (However it wasnt really a win as winner also bought first round when we went to the pub), but hey it continued for a while before university got in the way schedules changed and life went on.

      About 2 weeks ago I was let go from my job due to the fact that middle management are incompetent, hired to many staff and lost a lot of contracts, and well honestly apparently the words I told you so and you would have seen that if your head wasnt so far up your own arse arent exactly liked by them so when it came to closing down the section I worked in well I didnt exactly give myself the best chances for re-location but ow well it happens. Anyway back on topic so two weeks ago I was watching and started watching people like JCarver, Jamie Staples and Elky and whilst having my girlfriend tell me to get a hobby / find a new job I needed an outlet something to relax me so I downloaded pokerstars and hit the tables.

      So as you can see the knowledge base of mine isnt all that great and I have a massive $0 bankroll woo great way to start a poker journey, but hey all got to start somewhere.

      So where from here? Well I joined the pokerschool online through pokerstars lobby side bar thing and have read and completed their introduction to no limit holdem, my knowledge base has grown substantially in the past 2 weeks. My next plan is to read the nolimit beginner course by conifant and then really move on from there.

      I am currently playing in as many as the freeroll tournaments as I can to try and get some form of a bankroll going but i seem to stall out around the 200 player mark with my best resualt at currently 168 I think, but out of 7000 people i dont think thats to bad for 2 weeks work.

      Looking around the site it can be quit overwhelming the promotions, the poker software, being a bronze member or not, so I am slowly trying to wrap my head around all that and move forward.

      I dont know if pokerstars is the best site to play on but I enjoy it, have gotten used to how it works and everyone I know uses it and I dont really know if I want to download other programs and have money split between them all.

      Currently I really enjoy playing in the freeroll tournaments I really do enjoy the format the other thing I am enjoying the most is zoom tables (all be it free rolls) but they are awesome fun to especially for someone like me that just needs stimulation and something to do.

      So my goals for the year, or what's left of it I guess?

      • Understand the game so I get everything that is going on, positioning, when to bet how much, when to fold etc etc
      • Get my head around this site, figure out what they all are and how I can take advantage of it
      • Give back to this community whether it be just interacting on the forums or using my knowledge base of something else to help out (might start a fitness thread or something to help people)

      And I guess the more poker related goals of

      • Getting a bankroll together, whether it be that I can somehow save some money in life atm that I can afford to spend on poker, some form of promotion, or even better winning some bankroll from the free-role tournaments and then moving onto either more tournaments or paid zoom tables to try and run it up

      More specific goals which I will be using to measure my success over the next 6 months

      • Have some form of real money in my pokerstars account
      • Have $10
      • $20
      • $50
      • $100
      • $200
      • $500
      • $750
      • $1000
      • Cash a Tournament
      • Final Table a Tournament
      • Win a Tournament
      • Get a royal flush :s_p:

      I know they may seem a bit out there and I dont know if it is even really do able but they dont have to be completed this year at all, just something for me to strive towards

      Anyways thats me done I think for my first blog post, no others will be this long, I hope, and I will be updating this at least weekly maybe more.

      Sorry for taking up so much of your time if you actually read the whole thing, best of luck with all your goals and endeavours and I hope to one day see you at the tables.

      :gl: Rocky. :banana: :banana:
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