replayer HUD always the same (not working) unless I click hide and show on each hand

    • Lackoogcb
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      Hey guys!

      I have a very new and interesting problem with HM2 replayer. I reinstalled my hm2 and database (I've used export and import & backup and restore) after that my replayer is not working anymore properly. Anytime I open a hand there is no hud if I click don't show hud and then show hud in the options, then it apears, but if I go on a next hand the hud will stay the same. Even if I quit come back one week later and open a hand the same hud will appear on every hand until I click don't show and show again. I didn't have any changes in my settings. Now I have a brand new computer, again did backup for the DB and for the HM2's settings, but issue is the same... Any ideas?

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