• Azarahai
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      Hi Everybody,

      My name is David, from Scotland and my username on PokerStars is Azarahai.

      Finally got round to making my first post! Been a member here since the end of 2013 but wasn't really as interested in playing poker "properly" back then so never really studied at all and lost around $200 very quickly, which led me to believe that all online poker was fixed and not for me!! :f_mad: .

      I've recently deposited $120 into my PokerStars account which still had a couple $ in it from before and decided that I would try and take it seriously this time, so also tracked all my results using an excel spreadsheet I found online.

      I am currently playing $1.50 STT SnG's and since 23/04/15 have played 92 tournaments with a total loss of $1.69, still have quite a lot to learn in the world of online poker, even at the micro stakes which is one of the reasons I'm finally "venturing out" and making my first post lol.

      I hope some of you reply to this and maybe give me a few tips for improving my game, point me in the right direction for studying STT games.

      At the moment I would prefer to build my bankroll by playing Turbo STT games but would be open to suggestions from more experienced players who have already beat the micro stakes. :f_drink:
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    • VorpalF2F
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      Hi, Azarahai,
      Welcome to the PokerStrategy.com forums!

      It sounds like you've found your game.

      I assume you've been reading the strategy articles, studying with the videos and participating in the coaching sessions?

      How is your mental game holding up?

      Best of luck,
    • Lazza61
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      Hey David,

      Welcome to PokerStrategy.com :welcome:

      I commend your bravery :f_biggrin: When I first joined PokerStrategy I was very much the lurker. One day I decided to post and did so rather nervously, mostly expecting to be trolled or flamed or called a stupid noobie fish. To my surprise I only received thoughtful helpful information that helped me out of the rut I was stuck in. So I posted again... and again..... and now look at me. I can't stop. :f_cool:

      I can recommend you check through these videos by leading STT coaches in CollinMoshman and Tim64.

      If you have any questions regarding STTs, be sure to post them on our SnG board where it's more likely to be seen by players who can help. :f_thumbsup:

      If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to ask.


    • Azarahai
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      Thanks for the replies and the tips guys :)

      I've read the basic article on STT's and currently reading up on hand ranges / $EV which I'm finding pretty useful.

      Will be watching a few videos tonight / this weekend and hopefully get to play quite a few more SnG's, also considering starting a blog just to record my progress as a kind of incentive to keep me playing.
    • svonja
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      Hello, greetings from Serbia, best of luck at the tables!