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      I have 65k WPT points, which is approximately 8k USD. At the moment i am in the situation in which i cannot convert my points into money because i physically do not have the necessary time to unlock the money if i sold it.
      Therefore, i am forced to buy from the shop products which i do not need and do not have any use for them. Furthermore, the products are 3 times more expensive than it would normally cost me in my own country.
      This is outrageous and an obvious example is the the price of an iPhone 6. The price of an iPhone 6 in my country is around 800 USD and to acquire it from the shop costs me 18K WPT points, which is approx. 2K USD.

      I want to convert the points into money and cash out, i do not want to buy any products because i do not need them.
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    • razvan031388
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      Something funny, what appear when I watch to WPT promotions:
      We've always got something new for you to enjoy.

      We're always coming up with exciting new promotions and events, so don't forget to check this page for our regular updates.

      Currently there are no promotions scheduled.

      The next promotion is on the way to you!
      If you have any questions, please contact our 24/7 Customer Care Team. "

    • razvan031388
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      Another LIE :

      Enjoy the VIP service you deserve

      We offer a Premium service to our most valued players. As a Palladium VIP you can expect the following benefits:

      Up to 30% rakeback - like 13% BONUS AND I am Palladium VIP
      Exclusive VIP promotions
      A dedicated personal VIP host
      Free cashouts and increased deposit limits - Another big lie, they take me 3%
      Exclusive Points Store items - YES, but worth three times more than in any store in the world

      These benefits are strictly for Palladium Lounge members only: after all, you deserve them. - HAHAHAHAHAHAHA !!!!!!!
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      I can understand your frustration. I also quit playing on bwin-party after they started charging cashouts. I think everyone should do the same. There must be a line which cannot be trespassed without consequences otherwise they can do anything with their customers. And they crossed that line with their measurements.