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How do you improve hand reading?

    • PacnyTuH0
      Joined: 02.05.2007 Posts: 48
      I was wondering of what people do to improve their hand reading.

      Especially when playing live, I have trouble thinking about ranges and calculations.
      I always think about hands that beat me, and cannot do a breakdown properly.

      So what would be the best way to approach my problem?
      All I can think of is reading through other hands on forums and analyzing my own hands after play.

      All suggestions are welcome.
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    • I3ryI3e
      Joined: 15.05.2009 Posts: 888

      I think that's really the only way to improve on that regard. I think you could just analyze Hands that saw showdown, specify the range of villain in every street. At showdown see if you were right, if not try to figure out if it was just a bad play from villain or is there really a reason for that hand is in there.

      I think this is the way but i can be wrong =) Any more sugestions are welcome =)
    • Zanardi1
      Joined: 04.01.2010 Posts: 5,602
      Beside what l3ryl3e said, whenever I bet or raise, I am trying to always answer these questions: which worse hand(s) I want them to call me and which better hands I am attacking, trying to make them fold.
    • YohanN7
      Joined: 15.06.2009 Posts: 4,711
      One way is to play a little fixed limit. You will get involved in very many situations and "mistakes" aren't so expensive.
    • LuckyLucianooo
      Joined: 04.08.2010 Posts: 1,072
      For a proper read you need to have history with the player. More history you have better your read it is