quero meu bonus

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      Originally posted by jajogo
      I'm lost in this site ..
      I signed up but still did not get my bonus (50 reais) want this value in the PokerStars .. but so far to no avail: /
      FYP. TY to google translate. Hopefully you understand English. Otherwise I recommend to check out our Portuguese forum (fórum português)

      If I understand it right you made just a account on PokerStars with our bonus instructions. The only way to get free money there is to make a first deposit with the bonus code FREE20 and than you get $40 after approximately 2 days after you deposit.

      If you didn’t get the bonus after 2 days I recommend sending a mail to support@pokerstars.com and PokerStars support will help you out.

      If you have still some questions after my post don’t hesitate to ask them.

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