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      Hello! This is 2reac from Romania. I`m 19 and I`ve been playing poker for 2 years but last summer I gave up because I was scared to lose all my bankroll after a pretty bad downswing. I started playing NL2 on Feb 2014 and by the end of Apr 2014 I was playing NL25. In sept I gave up to poker and cashed out all my bankroll (1500$). Now, when I`m looking back I understand that I wasn`t actually a very good player at that moment . Winner player, but still weak player.At the end of March this year I started to play poker again, beginning with NL5, now playing NL10 on PS. The most important thing I`ve improved is my mental game. I really can understand the variance now how this can reflect on your WR. I also improved my skills after watching w34z3l`s Walkthrough series and Red Line Rampage.
      My goal is to become a pro player as soon as possible.
      Besides poker I love to play snooker and watch football. My fav team is Barcelona and one of my dreams is to see this great team playing live.

      Yesterday I graduated the Highschool
      and I`m really happy, but now I have to focus on my future. I hope to pass the preliminary examination and admission to Law University.
      Although I`ll be very busy this summer I`ll try to give myself time to play poker.
      At least once a week I will update my blog. I did this blog also to improve my english which is not so good at the moment so please if you see any mistake don`t hesitate to correct me!

      My BR: 595$
      Next goal: Reach NL25 with at least 30 BI
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