Withdrawing from Full Tilt?

    • ilostmysoul
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      [Strong edit since FTP support just replied me and cleared some questions out]
      Just got an email from FTP saying that when attempt to withdraw they will examine my status and my play history. Because I won $16 in a freeroll and then $10 more playing Rush, and therefore most of my profit came from a freeroll, and because I haven't played more than 2 hours for cash there, do you think my withdraw request will be rejected? Can they say something like "You need x FTP points before withdrawing"? Doesn't look very fair to me.

      P.S. Never deposited to FTP too, only to PS.
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    • Lazza61
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      Hey ilostmysoul,

      A fairly standard practice among poker rooms is to insist on a deposit before you can withdraw. They will generally state that you can only withdraw by the same method you deposited.

      This is also part of the account verification process.