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      I'm Miloš from Slovenia (Mika2061982)
      I'm pretty new to the game since I started to play poker like 2 months ago. I'm currently playing NL2 6-max on Pokerstars.
      At the beginning my game was definitely too loose. Than I discovered the Beginner course by Confidant91 and my game changed a lot. My goal is to learn strong basics in NL2 before moving to more advanced topics and bigger stakes. I'm still struggling with variance, but as I read in the forum is a natural process.
      I don't have so much time so I manage to study 2 hours a week, and play 1 hour 4-5 times per week. Hope will be enough to build the bankroll before I get bored :D

      My short term goals are:
      - get thought the main beginners lessons on Pokerstrategy
      - gain some strategy points
      - Watch the videos and study the program of the Beginner course by Confidant91
      - Build a bankroll big enough to play NL5

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