About 6 Max CG Coaches and Hand Evaluations

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      Dear Poker Strategy,

      I just have 2 very basic questions as a member who loves this site and community and look forward being part of it for more years to come.

      1) What is happening with some 6 max CG coaches and new content? Where is Internet?

      2) Can I or we as community expect more activity from CG coaches in Hand Evaluations?

      Since I switched to CG in December last year, I worked with w34z3l and I am super grateful that you guys hired him as a coach. His help to me was super valuable. I also watched dozen other useful CG videos and learned from them. I am wondering why Internet isn't on forums or making content since he made biggest impression on me from all the guys I have learned from?

      I used to post as beginner SNG player here and had my hands evaluated by different SNG coaches 2-3 years ago. I would like to post hands now for CG and improve my game to next level (mid stakes) but I feel that there is literally no activity from coaches in hand evaluations. Any way that this will change in the future or I will simply have to pay some coach brutal hourly to get answer to my hands in depth which before used to be free anyways and they all did it for one reason or the other.

      I appreciate other members commenting my hands but if I post a hand I want proven winner coach to give me his or hers insight into such spots and explain thinking process in depth. I feel like that is not happening on hand evaluation boards as there is only activity between us members.
      Any way that this will change in the future?
      I would love to post 5-10 hands per day but am holding back for a while because I see absolutely no activity from the coaches on THIS part of forum.

      Thank You for finding time to read and hopefully resolve those questions :)

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      Hi IvicaIliev77,

      thx for the post and your explanation about how you gear up in No Limit nowadays!
      For your questions:

      1) lnternet developed decided to pursue his own business that does not allow us to keep him as a coach. For others: we have a somewhat natural fluctuation, meaning guys like w34z3l come, others go. If you have any particular question - please ask. In general whilst we are happy to build names and work closely with a steady team, the most important thing are new ideas and great content - even if it sometimes takes fresh blood.

      2) Short: no.
      Long: In the end of January we announced the end of our hand evaluation service and instead promoted user driven discussions with a reward system & highlighted hands specifically chosen by coaches for discussions. You can read more in the announcement news and have a look how the leaderboard is developing here.
      You probably want a bit more insight on why this 'cut' ?
      (Please apologise if this is very rough outlined, of course there are some more details)
      2-3 years ago the poker industry was a very different one. Poker rooms were focussing on rake generation and with our big focus on VIPs and allowing anyone to reach the high end, that worked together pretty well.
      Nowadays poker rooms see that rake is not everything if that only ends up in cashouts while new players are not coming and thus not adding money anymore. That is why also poker rooms now change their rewards for affiliates towards generating new and depositing players.
      Well, we are still a poker school, we might focus more on beginners course, on buzzfeed like news and quizzes. But we still do awesome content - but unlike in the past at a scalable level. A video and coaching can be watched by many - thus you will find rather these. Hand Evaluations in the past acted as a little private, subsidized coaching. On top we made an analysis of our players who used this service: the players who used it in the past in general developed worse on a strategy points level than players posting in other areas of the board. This does not mean that they start to loose, but they could also simply once they improve return to their untracked poker room, thus requiring us to not have an immediate loss with every hand evaluation. Please make some estimations - a player rarely needs more than 20$ generated rake in one of our rooms to be silver on PokerStrategy with the daily bonus points (which does not mean our income).
      But before I start more what-if-scenarios, I think this change logically and of course also sadly had to be made. Wish I could have made it above 1k micro stakes hand evaluations during the years.