A quicker way

    • hardlife66
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      If anybody can come up with a quicker way to lose money then I'd like to hear it
      hero :8c: :8h:
      flop :Tc: ::8s: :Ah:
      turn :Ts:
      river ::3d:
      I lost
      villian :Td: :Ac:

      As you can see I'm not clever enough to play this game
      I went all in on turn card, so did villian, I have 0 bank now.
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    • Hendrikpoewz
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      That's a cooler, could you post whole hand history please to see what went wrong? 1st rule to succes is proper bankrollmanagement have atleast 20-40 buy ins for cash games and never buy in with your whole roll even if you are a very good player!