Introducing the Betfred 1,000, a brand new tournament special with a $1,000 guaranteed prize pool exclusive to Betfred Poker players!

When? Every other Sunday (started May 24) at 7pm UK time
Buy-in? $10 + Rebuys

$1,000 Become the Bounty

• One player has a special bounty on their head every Betfred 1,000 tournament
• Knock the bounty out and win $25 cash
• Player who knocks out the bounty also takes over as the bounty in the subsequent Betfred 1,000 event

Special prizes!

$5 cash for losing at showdown with pocket aces in any Betfred 1,000 event (contact live help to claim)
$25 cash + Betfred 1000 Entry for knocking out the bounty
$100 cash Win the tournament when you are the bounty
$1,000 cash Win the tournament twice in a row when you are the bounty

*All Special Prizes will be credited the following day.

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