Hourly Cash Missions

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      Opt-in and play poker to accept your mission!

      Exclusively with bet365, you can win prizes when you aim for your Coin targets. Every hour on the hour, a new mission begins. Choose Premium Tables to collect Coins twice as fast!

      Important details:

      • Promotion runs from 12:00 GMT on 27th May until 11:59 GMT on 24th June

      • Qualifying periods run for 24 hours, from 12:00 GMT until 11:59 GMT the following day.

      You must opt-in before you're eligible to win a prize, once you have done you're eligible in every qualifying period. If you don’t log in to the poker lobby or Mobile Poker for seven days after a prize amount is credited, it expires

      • To qualify for a prize, you must take part in missions by collecting Coins. In each mission, you need to get at least one Coin to qualify

      • The number of Coins required to complete each mission, and the maximum prize available, are displayed in the poker lobby. Prizes are awarded on a pro rata basis

      • You get one Coin for each Merit Point you earn on Premium Tables; on all other tables, you get 0.5 Coins for each point you earn

      • Merit Points are earned on all real money cash and tournament tables at a rate of 15 for every €1 or £1 of attributed rake or tournament fees

      bet365's terms and conditions apply to this promotion and may be changed at any time.

      If you do not have a bet365 account yet, take advantage of our first deposit bonus and click here to create one.
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