the best way to build a strong bankroll.. I

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      Hi, Alexalexa1,
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      A huge part of that decision is what format you enjoy the most, and how much experience you already have with each.

      If you're just getting started, I suggest cash games, since they form the foundation of the game.
      There are added layers of strategy in Sit & Gos that you would need to learn as well.

      As a starting point, I suggest following the lesson plan in No Limit Hold'em lessons overview

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      And be sure to check out the free money offers.

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      I only recently jumped into online poker. But from watching some of my relative play poker in real life, I personally feel that cash games may not be as fast paced but are definitely more comfortable and easy to understand whats going on. It depends, but personally, I would prefer cash games - sit and go games feel more complicated and there are also a lot more ways for people to mess with you. Also you can stop and start whenever you feel like it with cash games.
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      It's personal preferency really, I like Sit and Go's better myself. But it's easier to control your bankroll with cash games since it's less swingy (and more boring in my opinion hehe).