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Should I switch shorthanded

    • Alafoe
      Joined: 28.08.2008 Posts: 202
      I should ask you wheather I should switch shorthanded. Position I lost the most over all sessions is the SB (20$ -0.11BB/hand) and I should really think about defending SB much more stronger. On BB is my lost suprisingly only 1$ over time. But the problem is UTG1, UTG2 and MP3. I show you hands I lost the most in these positions

      UTG1 - KK, 77, 55, AQo, 44, QJs, QJo, 66, A3s, AQs
      UTG2 - AQo, KJs, 88, KQo, AKo, OTo, A6o, QJs
      MP3 - JJ, 77, 55, A3s, 66, KJs, AJo, 33, TT

      Its not fun when I am loosing a lot in these positions even with hi pairs. Dont know exact reason If I play them so weak, some r/f, some c/f and some calldowns against better hands. So I hope you will not use my leaks at table:D
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    • kennyxx
      Joined: 16.05.2008 Posts: 998
      I don't know how many hands You played already, but why do You play hands like A3s, QJo or small pocket pairs from UTG+1? Theese hands are fold preflop for me (if I am wrong please tell me somebody).
      Are You playing according to SHC?

      Post some of those hands to sample hands forum. Judges can help You to find what are You doing wrong.
    • Amirapuato
      Joined: 08.07.2007 Posts: 1,105
      A6o from UTG+2? Bad idea. ;)

      Pockets and things like Axs, QJs, JTs are playable with limp/call from the first positions, but it's not really a good idea at low limits.

      Stick to the SHC and you'll be OK. :)