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This post will be for important tips,tricks and techniques in poker.

    • LuckndTilt
      Joined: 26.07.2008 Posts: 3
      So let's start winning and playing correctly.
      I'm not very expirenced poker player and I'm very good either.I've realised that when I read a couple poker books and after that I understood that there is much much much more to learn.Many begginers as I was,think that they know enough to start playing successfully poker but they're wrong.

      My idea is everyone who has something usefull post it here.

      Here are my Tips ( correct me if I've typed something wrong)

      1.You should know what hand you're holding (how strong is your hand and what you're supposed to do with it )The possible hand your opponent could have and what he thinks you're holding
      2.The posiotion is one of the most important things in this game.The mainly advantage is that the later your posiotion is the later you'll have to act.You know what the others are doing ,because they 're playing before you.
      I can think only for one disadvantage
      For example when you're playing with skilled player they could easy use the thing that they're out of posiotion and simply trapp you with his better
      I know that Pro poker players are good cardreaders and you can learn this.
      You 'll need to practice a lot untill you master it.Just watch others how they when they're in posiotion,out of position,(posiotion is the main thing to succeed in reading your opponents card. Earlier posiotion means Stronger hand.Late postion- more varieties of hands could be played)How someone playes AA from early position and how he is does it in late.His playing style aggressive,tight,loosse,etc. (This is only for online poker.Live poker could be more predictable or unpredictable.)
      4.Pot odds and Implied odds
      If you know how to use pot odds and implied odds,you'll be successful player.You'll know what is you're chance to complete the hand compared with the money you'll have to pay or the money are going to win.

      So go ahead write so of your own tips,tricks and techniques.How do you play in different situations vs different players,etc
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    • LuckndTilt
      Joined: 26.07.2008 Posts: 3
      Sorry posted it in the wrong section.
    • Ave27
      Joined: 14.01.2007 Posts: 171
      why are they "tips and tricks", its just basics. Like position is one of the first things you learn :P . There isn't a trick to it eaither, the later your position the less people you have to act behide you :P

      pot odds also basics of a good player :P . Its math, no tricks to it :P . The only tip is.... learn it.

      Just read the articals they tell about all this and more.