Ever thought about Private Freerolls for PS members?

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      The idea is from another poker forum I will not name. There, after we make some quantity of quality posts, we can sign up for their private freeroll club. Then, once in a while, the person's profile gets reviewed again, and, in case they don't maintain their posting standards, they are banned from the club, however they can reapply at any time.

      The tournaments itself are of 70-80 players, with a good prize pool (usually $1 18th, $20-30 for first place, other values in between). The trust is put on the community to not share the password (released 30 minutes before the game starts, in a subforum that is only seen by people in the club), and, as far as I know, nobody ever did, even though we always have people stalking our tables. Another reason is that we are asked to make our poker room ID public before enrolling in the freeroll, so they can check if everyone there is indeed from the forum.

      I think it would be a good idea to have more life and interest stuff out here in the forum. It certainly would make me more interested in checking in daily :f_biggrin:
      Or a sort of monthly league (multiple tournaments, maybe once every day, or once every 2 days, with given points assigned to the first, say, 50-100 players, that then count for this general rank, with fixed prizes given to a portion of this monthly rake). You can even not have money as the prizes, but status or a number of SPs.

      I just think it would be a good idea, and it would attract more people in, and make people inside more eager to make posts and think about them. Besides, it's more than likely people will use that money to then spend it in PokerStars or whatever affiliated room you're in. I know I'm now making a deposit on FullTilt because of the money I won on this website's freeroll.

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