New challenge from $200 to 2K

    • pokerboy198229
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      Hallo everyone!
      I play currently on 888 pokerand i would like to set up small goals to achieve bigger goals on later stages.

      My 1st goal is to achieve 2K bankroll playing zoom cash games on 888. I will not use HUD. I dont htink its necessary on mirco stakes. I will just stick to ABC tight agressive approach. I give it a shot. I would also like to prove that HUD isnt mandatory tool on microstakes.
      I will update every week how many hands I played and what did I achieve.

      I already played about 2k hands in 5 days and im down like $2.35. Didnt play a real ABC game like a promised, to be honest. Made some mistakes by playing fancy in some spots. Anyway we go on.
      Made a lot of youtube video's too:

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