I am looking at my stats for my first 500 tourneys and see some interesting things. My bankroll now is at $250. I see that I have green numbers for every buy-in level ($1, $2, $3, $4, $10) except the $5 (-$40), so I've stopped playing these for now. I have moved down to the $3 tourneys, where I'm up $75.

What I hadn't realized were the stats by number of players. In stt's, I'm ahead just $1. In 2-3 tables I'm up $55, in 5 tables I'm up $10, in 20 tables I'm up $48 and in 500+ players I'm ahead $80.

The sample for mtts is only 80 tourneys, which can be misleading. Of course, I don't play large tourneys with the same buy-in that for stts. I move down to $0.25, $0.50 and $1. And I like to play 2-3 tables tourneys with a $3 buy-in.

Is the sample too small to see which game would be more profitable for me? Or is it possible that a player's style adjusts better to larger tourneys than to stt's?