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The CRAZIEST And Probably The Most STUPID Thread On Forums Right Now

    • pizdunar
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      The CRAZIEST And Probably The Most STUPID Thread On Forums Right Now

      I’m scared. I can’t sleep. I wanted to do it on the down low. I thought about putting it up for public and almost puked.
      It might even not be possible.

      Heck, let’s find out…

      Chances are you’re about to witness the most humiliating thing one can suffer.


      There’s also a slight chance you will see the incredible and your life will never be the same.

      But that’s another story.

      For now let me just introduce myself.

      This is not going to be another poor guy living on the streets making it big
      nor is going to be a poor guy working his ass off to save his family kind of cliche.

      More like spoiled kid saying no more to mama’s money not knowing what he’s
      putting himself into kind of story.

      Here’s why…

      I could go to college, study just enough to make it and live alone in a summer house in Croatia with a beautiful view
      while spending my mother’s money on alcohol and shiny clothes.

      After graduation I’d be a pilot like my brother who would get me a job right off the bet.

      After a few years I’d get promoted, make +5k/month, buy an expensive watch and a Porsche on lease to go with it.
      I’d get a wife that would be just good enough, buy a house and live a comfortable life.

      I could do this…

      But I chose not to.

      Because if I took this route I’d be doomed.

      I’d feel like I don’t deserve any of it.

      I’d feel I’m worth jack shit since I didn’t do anything on my own.

      I’d start to settle and give up on my dreams.

      I’d start faking that I’m important since I have a good job and a great car.

      I’d blame everybody else for my failures.

      I’d cheat on my wife.

      I wouldn’t spend time with my kids.

      I’d turn 60 and realize I didn’t do anything special and die all useless and alone.


      Instead I will take the high way and do it my way.

      Starting September 8th 2015 I will skip college to get education.

      I will conquer my fears face to face.

      I will kill the doubt. Leave everything behind.

      And prove myself that I’m worth as much as I’ve always thought.

      Why is this so sick?

      Because I’ve played 3500 1.5$ 9man SNGs with 8% ROI while running 100 BI above EV,

      made 300$ IN TOTAL

      and I’m already TURNING FULL TIME PRO.

      Here are all my sharkscope graphs and a pic from HEM so you can see that I was born under the lucky star:

      Turning pro? Am I kidding?


      The stupidest thing you’ve ever heard?

      Might be.

      Now, let me explain.

      Throughout my life I’ve witnessed what a human body is capable of doing if the mind is in the right place.

      Therefore I know that WORK beats TALENT and WILL comes before SKILL.

      This is a big deal.

      As you saw I have no results to show whatsoever.

      My whole confidence about making money with poker is clinging on a single month one year ago where I played 950 SNGs with 9.5% ROI EV adjusted(in reality I had like 30% ROI since I was running sick above EV).

      Only two kinds of people would skip college, move to foreign country and turn pro with this kind of stats.

      1. Crazy, Delusional and Mentally Degenerated People
      2. Confident, Determined and Mentally Strong Guys

      For now I consider myself the latter.

      I’ve won my share of mental battles where I pushed through pain till passing out, where I stayed focused and did what I had to do under pressure and pushed some boundaries I never thought I would so this is my main source of confidence.

      Not numbers.

      Pure, Raw, Old School Will Power.

      Dumb people achieve great things every day.

      The difference between them and the rest?

      Great deal of self belief and a sickening work ethic.

      But here’s an uncomfortable truth: Only this is not enough

      There’s one piece missing…

      The stage.

      The will to win is nothing without the will to prepare.

      What do I mean?

      Comfort zone is where dreams go to die.

      You CAN NOT WIN with a bag of popcorn in your hands while watching TV in a summer house with friends and girls coming over every weekend.

      It’s the daily decrease not the daily increase that will put you among the best.

      And great changes call for radical actions so that’s why I’m isolating myself from everything and everyone I knew before, no distractions.

      I’m moving to Medellin, Colombia where I’ll live to play poker.

      So as soon as I get on the plane there will be no history, no memories, and no regrets.

      Only determination and awesome life ahead.

      With that in mind another great opportunity opens up.

      Most guys that succeed do it out of necessity. Not just because it seemed like a nice idea.

      They had to do it.

      Not just want it, you have to need it.

      And I will sure need it otherwise I might end up being a bum bagging on the streets of Medellin.

      I sure won’t call my mom to give me money and save my ass cuz otherwise there’s no point in doing this. I might have just stayed at home and grind.

      No pressure. No work. No glory.


      Since we’re talking about work and pressure…

      I’m starting this madness on 22nd of June 2015 with $50 i.e. 50 BI for $1 tournaments on two sites and I believe I’ll be 9 tabeling $5 reg/turbo speed 9-18man SNGs with 5% ROI with 100BI on each by the time I go.

      This will bring me pre rb $550 on average/month which is nearly enough to live in a *shitty apartment in Colombia. Under the assumption that I play 8 tables, 9h/day, 6days/week.

      *All I really need in the apartment is a stable internet connection. I will be eating cheap shit and sleeping on the floor if needed. I certainly won’t stay in El Poblado-I speak decent Spanish. I need to find a place like shared apartment for 200$/month which is doable. And before you eat me alive I realize how dangerous Colombia is so more about that in the near future.

      Anyway if I feel confident after a few weeks of playing I will cash in some money to speed up the process and go to $3 limits faster.

      I will start by playing 6 tables since I haven’t played for almost a year and then slowly add up when I get my shove/fold game where it should be. I’ll probably 8-12 tabel after a few weeks.

      I still have final exams until 22nd so I won’t be able to play that much (6h/day probably*)
      but July and August will be ridiculous.

      *I know playing +5 hours/day, 6days/week is hard; losing focus and tilting might get to me but I’ll just have to work through it.
      I was normally playing 25h/week during school and 10h/day like 3 days in a row tops so if you’re thinking I don’t know what I’m talking about you’re absolutely right.

      I’m also counting on some money from rakeback and bonuses since I’m planning to play 2000 SNGs in August.

      *I will be participating in the Get Rich Or Die Trying Challenge.


      One might say going from zero to hundred will result in burning out.

      I say burning out is an overused term lazy people use to stop working.

      I will not burn out.

      You know why? It’s simple…

      I can’t afford to burn out.

      I need to stay focused. I need to stay on schedule. I need to conquer tiredness.

      Otherwise guess what… dying alone at 60 knowing that I kneeled.*
      *More about me and my reasons for doing this in the future

      The Biggest Gamble of My Life

      I know poker is hard and variance is a bitch.

      Not everything is sunshine and rainbows and sometimes you do everything right but life will still kick you in the ass.

      I realized that when I cracked some numbers with the poker variance calculator.

      As mentioned before: 2000 $5 SNGs/month with 5% ROI*

      *I know that determining accurate ROI is delusional since I don’t have big enough sample so I might not even be a winning player atm but with my stats I have(or better I had) 0-6% roi with 75% confidence, -3-8% with 95% confidence and there’s a good chance my true ROI is at least 3% which is cool.

      **I also know that this variance calculator is not accurate because there is no ITM% option

      As you can see in theory I will be making 200-900 bucks/month 70% of the time;

      including RB* and playing 9h/day(3h studying), 6 days/week I consider this a good deal.

      *I will be playing on Ipoker where I expect solid traffic and good rb. And for backup I’ll have poker 888 acc where I know I can find action but there is no flat RB so I’ll be clearing up signup bonuses every 3 months on different pacific poker skins. Party might also be an option but idk for now. So I think I can expect like 400-500$ as I get to 5$ SNGs from RB as well if I play 2000 of them.

      The ugly truth is that 7% of the time I’ll be losing and
      2% of the time I’ll be losing huge +250$ all the way down to -1000$.

      If I hit this side of the spectrum on my arrival there God help me.

      I also know that I can get sick or robbed or hit a huge downswing that my mind can’t handle right now
      but this is a risk I’m willing to take.

      *I will be taking there like $1.5k cash for initial expenses which is not enough according to all recommendations in the articles about turning pro but this is all I got. It should be enough for 2 months.

      If you take risks and win you’ll be happy if you lose you’ll be wise.
      I have no fear of going broke.

      Well I don’t really wanna get kidnaped in estrato 1 and lose my organs so if I see I’m not gonna make it I’ll move to a safer country and clean toilets or something til I get back up.

      Anyways, my point is…

      I have all the time in the world to fail again and again and nothing to lose.

      Only after you’ve lost everything you’re free to do anything.

      I’m young and ready to take the world.


      SO ! No more chitchat!

      Once we start there’s no going back… And we’ve started.

      I’ve already bought the plane tickets so now I’m forced to work like a dog in order to make it.

      Here’s a photo of one of them so you guys know I’m being real:

      I also intend to be real on all other aspects so you can see the process cuz if or should I say when I pull this off I want to have it captured.

      I’ll be posting daily updates on my work, money, study insights, thoughts and fears.

      I will give, I will cry, I will bleed and I hope eventually succeed.


      Here’s the deal.

      I will use the next two weeks to set everything up.

      RB Deals, accounts, new computer, SNGwizz or ICMizer, get used to poker clients, set up HEM,
      renew knowledge on ranges, get back to playing every day etc.

      Then in July the party starts.

      No more clubbing. No more mental masturbating. No more convenience.

      Trim shirts, lazy afternoons and cocky talks will be replaced with

      I will stop chilling, partying and daydreaming.

      I will stop with the excuses and start saying no.

      It’s time to get my shit together and bring out my A game.

      It’s do or die, for real.

      Here’s how my day is going to look like:

      • 9AM waking up/drink a glass of water
      • 3 sets maximum pushups/3min rest
      • 2 min Ice cold shower
      • Breakfast-Listening to podcasts or Eric Thomas
      • Review hands from the last day
      • Session #1-->3h
      • Lunch-Listening to podcasts or pump up music/speeches
      • Take a 20min walk/3km jogging/read a book/stretching/handstands/meditate/learn Spanish/20min jump rope/power nap
      • Strategy videos/HH posting/Game studying
      • Session #2-->3h
      • Armstrong pull-ups workout program
      • 2 min Ice cold shower
      • Dinner
      • Session #3-->3h
      • Journal update
      • 1AM Sleep


      Few pointers:

      a) I will NOT listen to any music during workouts and sessions.
      *Real motivation comes from banging on your chest, screaming out you name and forcing the mind to stay focused when it hurts most.

      b)I might go to bed at 2AM and wake up at 10AM or vice versa, doesn’t matter as long as it’s 8h sleep.

      c)I will have small 5min breaks every hour when playing.
      *Break means stretch, eye rest, jumping jacks etc.; no computer!

      d)I might change environment to mix it up.
      *Sometimes I’ll play in my room, sometimes in the living room, sometimes maybe even in a coffee shop. I might also change seats between regular chair and an exercise swizz ball etc. For me changing environment is very important after few months.

      e)No more TV(I’ve put a blanket over), no more FB(deleted), no more porn(StayFocused installed).-->30 days of discipline(Victor Pride) printed

      f)Ice cold showers
      *Best feeling-like-an-animal, testosterone builder, pump up juice ever.

      g) Rewards
      *Every weekend if I put in the hours as scheduled and results are ok I will treat myself with a pump-up movie like Gladiator or a hot shower or a few drinks with friends.-Next reward:If I work hard I get to go to my friends bday on 24th


      This is my ideal routine but some tweaks here and there will be needed.

      • Before July I will have to play a bit less due to school and also I’ll put more attention to studying off the tables.
      • I won’t workout every day but instead like 3-4 times/week and I will listen to my body so I will rest if I’m sore.*

      *I can do 13 pullups and 29 pushups atm just for the record but this are correct form full extention and slow motion movements so no cheating. I will be doing calistenics combined with leg workouts for like a year now to get the fundamentals down.

      Consistency Over Perfection

      As you should know by now this is not about the money or being a smart ass or being perfect.

      This is about building caracter, putting myself out there and giving all I got.

      So again, numbers aren’t worth jack shit.

      I will not count reps during workouts.

      I will not check cashier all the time.

      Instead I’ll be focusing on going to failure every time and evaluating my decisions rather than results.

      The important thing is this: To be able at any moment to sacrifice what you are for what you will become.
      I was Billy The Half-Asser my whole life. Jack of all trades, master of none.

      This changes now.

      I will be very deliberate, intentional and startegic about my time management,
      what I eat, what I listen to, what I read and who I hang out with.

      80% Focus is on poker. Other 20 on being healthy. 80/20 Rule.

      *Now that I think of it: Scratch that bday party I was talking about earlier


      Another presumptuous lad who you think will probably fail.

      But you only fail when you stop trying. And I have no intentions on stopping.

      This is something I’m not willing to compromise on, something I will not give up on, and something I will not stop at until I get it.

      Guys like Steven aka “Imachampion” have already done it before but I hope I’ll be the first one to capture it from A-Z.

      I know there’s a ton of unknown factors regarding everything (staying in Colombia, cashing out, various policies and such) and all this can go down the toilet in an instant but if there’s a slight chance this could work I will get it.

      So holidays are starting, but not for me…

      For me this is the beginning to a beautiful story for my grandchildren for when I’m 60.

      There is a seat reserved for everyone at the table of abundance, but it’s up to us to work for it.
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