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      Hi, my name is Robert aka Robmaf. I am one of the leading and most respected poker coaches and bloggers in Poland. I am offering private coaching for $175/hour. I add 30 minutes totally free to first lesson to get to know you better. When you decide for 10hours = 10h+1h.

      I have made more then 80 videos at PokerStrategy and am a BlackMember. I have crushed mid and high stakes over the past 4 years with 4bb/100 winrate. I have been playing on Ipoker, PartyPoker, 888, FullTilt, Revolution, Entraction, Microgaming and PokerStars.

      I used to sit on the tables versus anyone up to nl2000. Two of my nicknames were in top 50 winning players on nl1000 and nl2000 on PTR in 2013...

      In 2014 I only played zoom on PokerStars, nl500 and nl1000... This is one of the toughest games out there and I competed with the top players in the whole world.

      I love to prepare, I love to learn and teach. I also love to crush. During my poker career, I have developed lots of strategies to learn, to improve as a person and as a poker player. I have taken tons of poker and mental coaching sessions but my best teacher was YourDoom. I am strongly focused on exploiting the game of poker by using its data and resources to my advantage, as I crush other players.

      This is my most recent 600k hands where I have played nl200-nl5000.

      Contact & fanpage

      skype: robmaf
      PokerStrategy blog
      My videos

      Here are just a few of the comments from viewers that I have translated:

      "robmaf, what you are saying and how you say it is music to my ears, you could train a few of the coaches" - Bushilla

      "The most important poker video in my life. Seriously." - socket05

      "Probably the best mindset poker movie on PokerStrategy. The only one I watched twice. During my second viewing I created my own list. I am going to print it and hang it on the wall" - Pasiv

      "Another great production !! More videos Robmaf !!" - Lorpio

      "With all due respect to other coaches, but listening to Robmaf is a pleasure." - ripper92

      "Robmaf has a cool voice, he should be a professional reader." - Insanepro

      "this video is superb!" - Preludium

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      Thank you :)

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      I ve just released a free ebook with my preflop strategy game! To download here.

      I need some help, because the ebook has a few mistakes, I would like to catch them all - I am offering one hour free coaching as a reward for the person who will indicate the most factual errors. Answers and suggestions please write here in the comments and on a specially dedicated for this purpose email:

    • Kruppe
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      your best teacher was yourdoom? really?
      the yourdoom who had good results in 2010 (yes, 7 years ago), and leveraged that into profitable coaching business my means of aggressive marketing and arguably scamming, misrepresenting his ability and recent results?
    • Robmaf
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      Yes, you ve summed it up completely :) He was actively teaching me in 2012, 2013, 2014. I ve tested his knowledge several times on many occasions. What others say about him I don't really care. If something works for me why should I?
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      is this legit or what?
      last good run was 2007, nowdays nothing, so i should pay you 175$ for what?
      doesn't look legit to me, but that's just me
      looks like awful selfpromotion, did any test this, would like to get some feedback